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Drain services

The Core team understand many drainage systems that are associated with both residential and commercial properties. We can help carry out CCTV drain inspections and surveys to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. We also offer patch line repair and installation of new drains, drain lines and extensions of existing drain lines

Comprehensive drain surveys in Yorkshire

If you're having issues with your drainage system then let the experts at Core Groundworks help. Our highly skilled team can help residential and commercial customers with a wide range of drain services in Yorkshire, from blocked and damaged pipes to CCTV drain surveys and inspections.

Find and fix drain issues fast!

Drain surveys and services

Our comprehensive CCTV drain surveys help uncover problems quickly and our effective drain services can help put them right

Years of experience
Our team have has extensive experience and is one of the best recognised and respected drainage contractors in Yorkshire.
CCTV inspection
The initial steps of our survey is to perform a CCTV inspection of your drainage system and produce a detailed report of our findings, complete with a list of recommendations to help with any issues.
The latest equipment
Whether it's our small CCTV drainage cameras or blockage removal tools, we always make sure to use the best tools for the job and we maintain them to the highest standards.
Core Groundworks team hard at work clearing a drain issue

Massive thanks to Matt & Chris for the wonderful job they have done. Top class workmanship, accuracy and communication, as well as top class lads. Will definitely be the first people I call for any work in the future. Thanks again guys!

Tom Gibson

Drainage works

Core Groundworks are a long-established Yorkshire local company based in York, and serving the wider Yorkshire area of Leeds, York, Selby, Wakefield and Harrogate. We have fast become one of the more trusted and respected groundwork and drain service companies in the Yorkshire region.

Our aim is to provide the people of Yorkshire with affordable drain cleaning and management services. Whether it’s regular maintenance or pro-active cleaning work, through to diagnosing and solving more complex drainage issues, such as blockages and broken pipes, we’re positioned to handle any job of any size.

Our founders, Chris and Matt are time-served industry experts with a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential situations and carry all the necessary qualifications and certifications.

Customer service is always top of mind for us and we promise to turn up on time, when we say we will, and always provide you with exactly what you need to get your drainage systems back up and running with the least amount of fuss possible.

The Core team understand many drainage systems that are associated with both residential and commercial properties. From installing new foul and surface water systems, carrying out sceptic tank works or traditional dig/excavated drain repairs we have it covered.

Affordable drain services

Drain surveys and services

Core Groundworks were established to provide high-quality groundworks and drainage services to commercial and residential customers across York, Leeds, Harrogate and the wider Yorkshire area. Our focus is on quality, flexibility and first-class delivery of our services. Here are some of our drain management services.

Core Groundworks team hard at work clearing a drain issue
CCTV Drain Surveys
We use the best camera systems available to carry out home buyers surveys and diagnose any damaged or blocked drains. The CCTV footage can help us choose the best and most efficient way to fix or clear the problem. A CCTV drain survey can show deteriorating, collapsed drains, displaced joints, leaking pipes, buried/covered inspection chambers, and poor installations.
Patch lining (non dig repair)
Patch line repairs are used to fix small sections of pipes by inserting an inflatable pipe packer into position, inflating it and leaving it in place whilst a resin coating cures. This type of repair can be more cost effective than excavating a hole or trench. Our expert team can advise when and where this repair method can be best used.
Drain Jetting
We carry a powerful and portable 4000 psi drain jetter, which is more than capable of dislodging stubborn snags and obstructions. When carrying out a CCTV Drain survey, a jetting unit is crucial to start the process; a clean, clear drain ensures we don't miss any defects. Even a very dirty inspection chamber can be cleaned for better use and to get rid of any bad smells stopping them from lingering about.
Drain locating
Core Groundwork's York Ltd has specialist equipment to trace and locate drains. Whether pinpointing a problem, or even locating the overflow pipe within the soakaway field of a sceptic tank we can save you valuable time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

We get asked a number of similar questions so we made a list of common answers to help you get the information you need quickly.

If you would like to know more, have any other questions, or would like to discuss how our services can help you, then please get in touch with our team of groundworks experts.

Why do I need a CCTV drain inspection?
When your showers, sinks, or bath are draining slowly (or not at all), it could be that you have a blockage or damaged pipe somewhere along the line. If you have temporary problems that keep reoccuring, then you may have a larger issue. Our CCTV drain inspections can help identify the real cause of the issue quickly and efficiently.
What's involved in a CCTV survey?
Using our high-tech equipment, we insert a small cable that houses a camera into your drain and move it into the right spot to see what's going on in your drain(s). Being able to see directly what's going on means we can diagnose the root cause of your issues and determine the right solution to fix them.
What are your prices for a CCTV drain survey?
Our prices can vary depending on what work needs to be done. However, our initial CCTV drain inspection allows us to make sure we can diagnose the issue correctly first time and avoid any unnecessary work, thus saving you money.
How long does a drain inspection last?
Again, this can vary depending on the issue you have and the configuration of your drains. A comprehensive CCTV drain survey can take up to a couple of hours. Because they allow us see the root of the issue quickly, they save many hours of traditional investigative work.
If you find any issues, such as a blockage, how do you deal with them?
Once identified, problems such as blockages can be usually cleared using a combination of rods jetting units. For larger, more complex problems, such as damaged pipes, we may need to reline them or use specialist cutting tools to fix them.